Changing jobs? At least 15% up in salary increment is expected.

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I know, robots are going to replace a lot of humans. If we fail to improve our knowledge and upgrade our skills, we will be replaced earlier. However, robots are well into the future. For Deutsche Bank however, they have intention to replace 18,000 jobs with robots! By the way, if just 10% of these 18,000 people are unable to find new jobs, we are looking at 1,800 people unable to pay their mortgages on time after some time. Not a positive news indeed. Do read the article here.

For now, I continue to think that for most of us, including the ones reading this article now should continue to have our jobs for the foreseeable future. Since we will still have a job, we need to be paid salaries. Ever wondered how much we can push our salaries up when another company happened to want our knowledge, skill and experience? Article in thestar.com.my Nice charts though if we want to access the article, we need to subscribe.

Image source: thestar.com.my

Image basically shows what would be the typical salary increment one may be receiving when they get a ‘better’ job from another organisation. For those who thought that banking and finance industry is the one firing lots of people, they happened to also be paying top dollars for talents. I wonder if this is also one reason why they have to restructure every now and then? Meanwhile those in the legal or engineering would also get similar increments too. I guess the ‘cita-cita’ should still be to become a lawyer or an engineer? Haha.

As studies have shown, people do not leave their companies. They leave their managers. In other words, the major reason why they resign is because they do NOT like their bosses. I have been quite lucky, I have not had the chance to resign because I hated my manager. Not even once thus far and highly unlikely in the future. For these cases, I think even similar salaries would be enough for the employee to proceed and accept another job? As for those who love their managers, then 20-25% may just be enough to change their decision. Happy job hunting!

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