Funny but true yeah. Travelling is making it harder to buy a property.

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Imagine someone earning RM4,000 per month. She manages to save 30% of her pay every month which is quite unusual and that’s RM1,200 per month. After saving for 6 months (RM1,200 x 6 = RM7,200), she saw on her Facebook an advertisement about cheap flight ticket to Japan. She decided to get return tickets which came to RM1,800. She was there for just 7 days. Accommodation, logistics, food and even some simple souvenirs for her few best friends would take another RM5,000 from her. That’s a conservative number.

She has thus spent RM6,800 out of her RM7,200 savings. After saving feverishly for the last 6 months, one vacation has pulled her back to square one. She will now have to save RM1,200 per month for the next 6 months to have RM7,200. Hopefully this time she will not see another Facebook advertisement on cheap flights to Australia! What has happened however is this. Instead of the ability to save RM14,400 per year or RM43,200 after 3 years which could qualify her easily for a RM400,000 property downpayment, vacations are taking her ability to get a property.

Without her own property, any rental paid by her to the home owner is automatically gone. This is not paying for a monthly mortgage where at the end of 30 years, the home is hers! Her situation is not that unique yeah. Malaysians with lower salaries than her are going for cheaper holidays, probably around ASEAN nations. Malaysians with higher salaries than her are going to more expensive destinations so that they could put all those nice photos in FB for more likes.

When I refer back to my own posts, I have to say that posts where my vacations were at some overseas destination do get more Likes than the local destinations. Haha. Perhaps those local destinations are more common and thus do not deserve that many likes. Fortunately for me, my travelling when I was earning a similar pay was less often and usually within Malaysia. That helped tremendously in still having savings for a property. After that first property in 2003 and an upgrade 4 years later, property investment becomes something which takes away some of my capability to travel to overseas.

Thus in my situation, property investment made it harder for me to travel overseas and not the other way round. Hopefully some may understand that holidays are great as a form of relaxation. However, the ability to go for even more holidays depend on what we do today. If we spend most of what we have saved on vacations, then we will forever be having no appreciating assets. We do however have more LIKES on Facebook. Happy understanding and holidaying.

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