Refusal to pay extra for security? Just not ready and it’s human nature.

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Condominiums are always said to offer better security than landed properties. Perhaps true, yesterday but no longer true today. Landed properties under the gated and guarded (G&G) schemes are pretty standard these days especially for newer townships. They usually come with clubhouses too, with facilities for all the residents who pay club fees. In fact I would say that G&G without clubhouses will be a thing of the past in the future because of the current batch of new buyers.

Gone are the days when a landed home simply meant many rows of houses with a field in between and perhaps a walking trail around or within that field. It’s not just creature comforts yeah. In fact security will become an important feature today and in future. Here’s one article about some selfish owners causing a guarded scheme in a housing development to collapse. This will not be the first and it may not be the last too.

Article in nst.com.my Guarded neighbourhood schemes are not easy to maintain when the funds are insufficient. Coupled with the fact that residents themselves refusing to pay the maintenance fees needed to pay for security services on a monthly or yearly basis. Many within the development do not see the need for a guarded neighbourhood scheme even though they were aware of spates of burglary, daylight robbery and attempted break-ins in their area over the years.

A guarded neighbourhood scheme for 740 homes in Section 7, Shah Alam has stopped because it does not enough funds to run it any longer. Just days after its stoppage, there were news of suspected prowlers in the residents’ social media platform. Writer said that it’s such a shame for some of these ‘parasites’ who lived off the expenses of other responsible neighbours. Writer mentioned that it’s not possible to just rely on the police alone who may be stretched beyond their capacities or the force has not expanded in tandem with a growing population. Writer also said perhaps another solution would be to think of Rukun Tetangga. Please do read full article here. Article in nst.com.my

It will be a tough one if we were to rely on just persuasion. That’s why we need legislation. Humans? We have never changed. Haha. Well, perhaps we could have legislation in the future where if a certain % of a landed development wants to convert their homes to a guarded scheme, those who did not may have to be slightly inconvenienced? No idea if it will work but this is one major reason why G&G will be ever more popular in the future. Making it compulsory meant that we do not have to worry about the arranging for the security. Or even have some hard time trying our best to persuade the many who refuse to pay on time or at all. Happy understanding.

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