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One reason why expressways are catalysts to the property development is because people could now travel further, they could now stay a little further for lower property prices and people from all the different places are now connected. Indeed multiplier effects start to happen because it’s indeed boring to only eat at our own neighbourhood, right? It’s also now possible to visit some places which would have taken many hours for example within a one day getaway with the family.

Of course, once a lot of people are using it, then the jam starts but this is a by-product. If nobody uses it, the expressway has used up funds which could and should have been used elsewhere. This is also one reason why I am extremely supportive of the High Speed Rail (HSR). It’s not about Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or even Iskandar. It’s also about all those places with a station connected to the HSR! Too bad, this is now delayed many years. Okay, coming back to something happening as we speak.

This is a very informative article in edgeprop.my It tells of the West Coast Expressway (WCE) which will be connecting Banting in Selangor all the way to Beruas in Perak and it will pass through the town I was born; Teluk Intan via Hutan Melintang. The article tells of the many new hotspots which will be appearing along the WCE because of traffic flow as well as the cut in travel duration. It also shows the price appreciation of some landed properties within Banting from the start of the WCE construction to-date. Do refer to it here yeah

Image source: edgeprop.my

We can see from the image above that there are many places which we have never been, right? Unexplored food places. Known and unknown sights. Friends who hailed from these smaller towns and more. Hey, perhaps kopiandproperty.com should organise a drive and eat all the way from Banting to Beruas when the whole WCE is completed! I think it will be fun. The last driving event I organised was a Treasure Hunt and that was way back 7/8 years ago I think. If you are still reading this and wants to join, let us know yeah. Happy travelling and anticipating.

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