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New launch. Semaya Terrace Homes in Iringan Bayu by OSK Property

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A single-storey home suit for the small family within a township masterplan by OSK Property.

When it comes to evaluating whether a property is worth buying, I have been using my very own PDF concept. In fact I have spoken about it in many public talks too. To me, the first property we buy should just be the one we intend to stay in. This is why it should start with Price. Never overstretch ourselves too much. It’s wiser to pay a lower monthly mortgage but to have extra savings for other investments too.

If a project meets our Price expectations, then we look at the Developer. A home is usually the single most expensive asset we will ever buy in our lives. By the way, it should not stop at one property yeah. Thus, choosing a development by an established developer will reduce the risk of project abandonment tremendously. 

Last but not least would then to look at features. This includes the masterplan of the township, how connected would the home be to expressways and the design or layout of the home. Is it something we feel comfortable with? For example, if we are staying with our parents, then there should be a room on the ground floor for them. Better still, think about a single-storey home instead. Today, we look at Iringan Bayu by OSK Property. It’s just 8km away from Seremban 2. 

The latest launch by a very established developer, OSK Property is Semaya Terrace Homes. (Semaya) The starting price is RM310,000*. I know, the price looks like it is one of the usual affordable high-rise units. Nope, this is not a high-rise unit. It’s a 20 x 70 landed terrace. Yes, parking two cars right in front of the main door is possible. 

Semaya is a freehold property within a guarded neighbourhood. Security should be a main consideration these days. The layout design is practical and has lots of space including a spacious backyard area too. Perhaps planting a papaya tree for free papayas throughout the year? 

Semaya is a home within a township which will slowly mature over the years. In fact, it should be good enough for generations because it has a 22-acre Central Park. Malaysians call our homes as ‘taman.’ The reason is because there’s usually a field in the centre and this is also where the kids would run around every late evening. Those were the times. 

Central Park

Today, owning a home in Iringan Bayu meant having access to a 22-acre Central Park.  It’s not just suitable for the kids to run around but also the parents for their morning walks too. It could now be a convenient brisk walking every morning or relaxing cycling in the evening.  

Breathe in the fresh air and say hi to fellow neighbours too. Start a community of our very own where we know most if not all our neighbours. All these could be enjoyed within a guarded environment. Oh yeah, the walkway and the cycling track are dedicated in the entire township. You can easily jog or cycle from your home to the park!  

dedicated cycling track

Actually, buying a home is not as hard as what people say. When price is right, duration becomes the main consideration. Please do not look at just distance in km yeah. Where duration is concerned, there are locations which people say are ‘very far away.’  Look at the duration instead yeah. 

A home just 15km away from the city centre does not mean we can wake up at 730am and be in office by 830am yeah. The jam would have started just before 7am everyday…  The plus point is that one could take the public transport. Please do take the public transport during peak hours to understand why some people are still driving today. It’s not necessary the best mode of travelling for everyone. 

Do drop by the Iringan Bayu Show Village to understand more. Please ask lots of hard to answer questions so that the sales person could handle all your objections.  

If we are in the market for a landed home which is still affordably priced and it must be within a master well-planned township for future potential capital appreciation, Iringan Bayu may be your choice township. Plus, it’s built by OSK Property which has been building homes for the past 22 years. 

If we are looking for a family home where there’s enough room for a small and growing family, Semaya may be a good potential choice. Nice and spacious layout is a plus point and let’s not forget the many activities possible with the 22-acre central park too.  Happy understanding.

Operation Hour: 9.30 am – 6 pm 

Waze/Google Map: Iringan Bayu Show Village 

Article written in collaboration with OSK Property.

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