Government. Us. Property. Poverty. It may happen.

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I think most of us have seen how some small flats in Hong Kong are turned into bed spaces so that the poor could afford to rent them. It’s impossible for them to rent a flat to themselves. One of the thousands of available articles here. (Click to read) It’s hard to blame the owners of these flats alone for doing that. If they did not, then these poorer and usually older folks would have nowhere to go but to sleep on the streets.

Even in Kuala Lumpur, it is not uncommon to see some of these homeless folks sleeping along the corridors of a shops. Should we then blame all other circumstances including president Trump for starting a trade war and thus affecting the world economy and thus some companies had to reduce their workforce and well so on…? Or perhaps for some of us, we have to take many pro-active steps so that we do not fall into this category? Sorry to say but regardless of the country, these homeless people issue continue to happen yeah.

Article in channelnewsasia.com In Singapore, there are around 1,000 people living on the streets of Singapore. This is based ona study by Assistant Professor Ng Kok Hoe from the Lee Kuan Yew Scool of Policy. 87 percent of these homeless people were men. About half were in 50s or older. 47 percent said they were homeless because of unemployment, irregular work and low wages. (Please remember this can happen anywhere…)

27 percent could not pay rent or mortgage or they have sold their housing. 40 percent said they has housing registered under their name. (WOW! I really wondered then why are they living on the streets!) Some other reasons for this include they did not want to inconvenience their friends, families or sometimes it is due to family conflict. Some say they wanted to be near their workplace!

Almost half of these homeless people have health problems and 25 percent has eaten just one meal that day or none at all. Half of the homeless have been sleeping in pubic between one and five years. Please do read the long report here in Article in channelnewsasia.com

Please always take care of our parents. Some of us may have conflicts with them but to allow them to sleep on the streets? Please always take care of ourselves. Spending all the money and thinking the government will be able to provide us will be proven wrong in the future. The vicious cycle may start and then it will be hard to end it. This is why it’s very important for everyone to read and understand financial management. Earlier article here: Earning, Saving,Investing and Preserving?

First one is to work hard at the job and keep improving because if someone could do it for less money, they will get our job. This is a fact yeah. Money will always be an issue we have to tackle ourselves. It’s tough to rely on anyone else, even if they are family members yeah. They also have their own worries too. Happy understanding.

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