9 Excellent speakers plus me. Do not miss this yeah.

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I just learnt that a friend listened to three talks last weekend of which one of the talks were by me. He was shopping at Central I-City mall in Shah Alam where I was speaking. Next weekend, I will be speaking at the same place again but on a different topic. This is the MAPEX 2019 and the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) continues yeah. It will end pretty soon though, 31st December 2019. Thus, if you really want to save a lot of money, do drop by. Plus listen to all these excellent speakers. Event Organiser is Hong Onn Elightens.

Please come say hi okay. Tell me that you read kopiandproperty.com yeah. My session will be on Saturday, at 11am. Hopefully many people have already finished their breakfast and already inside Central i-City mall yeah. My topic: Deciding on the Best Time to Buy? Let’s look at numbers. Right after me would be Mr. Tan Ching Meng, the Deputy Secretary General of REHDA and GM of MCL Land who will share on “How to Navigate a Buyers’ Market.” Many MORE! By the way, learning by dropping by and sitting down is free.

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