Penang may get bigger by another 13 million sq ft. Where?

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Reclamation is one of the cheapest ways to increase land for developments if compared to land acquisition in some mature areas where land prices will be extremely high. For islands needing more land for development, building into the hills may not be the best. We just need to look at Singapore. It has increased its original size by over 23% since independence. Probably more today. This is not to say that every island has to keep reclaiming lands to increase its size yeah. This is to tell all of us that reclamation is certainly a good way to create new land for development and thus to keep economic growth intact. There’s another proposal for Penang to increase its size by another 13 million sq ft (121 ha).

Article in nst.com.my . Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said that the Penang government has received a proposal from a local company for a reclamation project for international mixed development on a 121 ha site off waters of Batu Ferringhi. He said, “Throughout the year, we received numerous proposals from various quarters, but not all can go through. It has to go through due process.”

He added, “When we are given a proposal, we will pass it to the various technical departments to evaluate and to see whether or not we want to embark on it. In this particular case, we received a proposal to reclaim 121ha of the sea, nearer to the army camp in Batu Ferringhi, to be turned into an international resort, hotels, commercial, service apartments and such.”

Chow also said that if the project is feasible, a Request for Proposals (RFP) may be called. Chow added that even though proposed area was not zoned for reclamation, changes could be made to the town planning documents if necessary. Do read the full article here: Article in nst.com.my .

Assuming the reclamation project passes through the scrutiny by all the relevant environmental departments, it’s good to assess the following extra points as well. Something extremely important for Penang. What are the potential multiplier effects this will have on the Penang economy. When we talk about multiplier effects, we can look at job creation, construction activities and even investments into Penang.

If the new development is only to get more foreigners to buy into Penang properties, I am really not sure if this is what Penang CM wants. I have spoken to him once many months back and I think he is quite serious in wanting to do the best for Penang. More details on the proposal would be great versus having many unconfirmed versions as usual. 121 ha is not such a small project yeah. Happy reading.

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