CEO Series 2019: Surviving the Turbulence and World of Disruptions

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Thinking Strategy and needing to make strategic decisions in a world where disruptions are happening to every industry? Deciding how the business will have to weather social, economic and financial returns with a good understanding of property industry and its ancillary businesses? It’s time to invest one day to sharpen our saw. Learn from the many experts through panel discussions where answers to many questions will be discussed and perhaps even debated. This is not just a developer’s driven event. Register and benefit from it. As a media partner to REHDA Institute’s CEO Series 2019, all kopiandproperty.com gets an extra 10% discount if they use this discount code – kppty19

Message by REHDA Institute: The CEO Series 2019 by REHDA Institute is more than a developer’s driven event; it is about the strategy made real, where property and its ancillary businesses will provide balance in social, economic and financial returns and is the way forward for many countries, including Malaysia.

The CEO’s duty has moved from business implementation and how to manage revolutionary changes that come in the form of disruption to knowing where to tip the caution and where to balance the confidence in the company. The era of easy growth passed us by two decades and for 13 years, we were fed with the prediction of bubble bursting and what we understood might collapse in front of our eyes.

The Fintech wave gave us a jolt; thankfully a positive one but many other economical malarkeys such as Brexit in a way may have stunted what we saw as potential turnaround from the slump earlier. Currencies and asset prices have plunged, the ongoing trade war between the country’s two biggest trading partners, China and the US, and with evolving customer needs and high expectations, new technologies rapidly changing the pace in industry and disrupt the way we do business.

For year 2019, one must look back at the reality of the situation; reality of managing your connection; reality of utilising the available innovation and reality how you manage and work on inclusion. With these in mind and plan, CEO’s are stepping into 2020 and beyond with relief, leaving everything that was uncertain where it belonged, the past.

The Real Future is about the Shared Prosperity: Holistic, linear and all-purpose economy model which in turn will help to build Malaysia into a sustainable developing country with equitable growth at all levels by 2030.

For a full copy of the programme in detail, please download it here.

For all kopiandproperty.com readers, get an extra discount of 10% with this Promo Code. kppty19 Click here to register.

See you there. Let’s learn together.

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