Is 2019 and 2020 really the best time to think of property investment?

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I have not read about predictions on a property market bubble bursting for quite some time already. There has always predictions after predictions year after year but maybe because it has not happened yet so no one wanted to predict now. Does this mean that the property market is now healthy?

People who are selling properties will definitely say the best time to buy a property is now. People who are trying to buy a property will hope that the property market is bad, so that they get the best bargain. However, even for the buyer, as soon as they become an owner they also want property prices to go up. So, what is actually driving property prices? What will happen in the final months of 2019 and 2020? When is really the BEST time to think of property investment?

Please allow me to share on these topics and more. Let’s look at just numbers, numbers and numbers instead of predictions yeah. See you in Ipoh this 26th October 2019. Time is 815pm. Venue is Atrium of Ipoh Parade. There’s no need for tickets yeah. Just drop by and say hi. If you like to let us know you are coming, drop your contact here:

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