Let all the 13 million EPF members own PLUS together.

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Recently, I wrote this article: I prefer to own PLUS instead of having it sold Yes, if anyone were to ask me if I would sell if I am the owner of PLUS Berhad, then my answer is a simple and brief, NO. (louder than usual). I shared that it’s super important to keep the goose which lays a golden egg every day and NOT slay it just because we believe there are more eggs inside the goose yeah.

Imagine we own some lots of a blue-chip stock which has never stopped giving us dividend returns yearly. It will continue to give us dividends until 2038. That’s another 19 years more. I will be 61 by then and should be happily retired. Now, there’s someone offering to buy that blue-chip stock from us for a lump-sum of money. Should we sell? Personally, I would not yeah. I am not sure about the majority of Malaysians though. One thing I know is that I do have supporters from the media too.

I wrote the article on the 8th October 2019 and today, I read this very supportive article from Mohamad Azlan Jaafar, the editor-in-chief of The Malaysian Reserve. I do not know him directly but here’s a high five bro. (If you see this) Support your article fully. Hopefully we will have all the 13 million EPF members to benefit from PLUS Berhad’s NEVER ENDING TOLL collections till 2038.

Beyond just giving an overview of all the proposals as well as some other details, his conclusion is very powerful. It goes like this:

“PLUS should not benefit a small group of investors or a business entity. If there is any transaction to be made, PLUS should be sold and owned fully by the EPF. The fund is already struggling to find reliable and stable returns. Its over RM820 billion assets will spiral to RM1 trillion in the next few years and the fund will be hard pressed to find a sound and steady local investment.

PLUS is a good fit for EPF. Instead of being owned by the rich few, PLUS fully owned by the EPF will benefit the 13 million members — the large majority of whom use the highways. In the end, the majority gets the return in the form of dividends. Karma is not as bad even when you are paying toll.”

WOW. I wonder when will I be able to write like him. 🙂 Will keep improving okay.

Message remains the same to the decision makers. I am one of the 13 million EPF members. My wife is one too. We pay tolls daily, maybe not all of them to PLUS Malaysia Berhad BUT we do hope that everyone who pays toll will benefit all the EPF members too. If indeed this is to help non EPF members so that they could have lower toll rates, then please do think harder. Selling PLUS Berhad is definitely not the solution. Happy understanding!

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