Student accommodation, the way to go.

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Many years ago, friend who’s in the top management of a Singapore MNC told me that education industry is evergreen. Manufacturing is also evergreen because of continuous consumption but it may be more of robots and less of humans. Meanwhile education will always be powered by humans. At least the students are. As for the debate that a degree does not guarantee a job, that’s another article.

I have to agree with the assertion that education is an evergreen industry. I have to add demand for accommodation into the evergreen status as well. Truth is, not many of these tertiary institutions will have enough accommodation for all their students. Certainly not all the time because the availability of such student rooms may be

Article in nst.com.my SUNWAY Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah says the group is looking out for opportunities in the United Kingdom, especially in the student accommodation market. He shared that the Sunway group is buying three buildings for student accommodations in Bristol and Sheffield. (I studied in Bristol UK…)

He said, “Student accommodations are the way to go. We are gearing up for that, hopefully. I don’t have a crystal ball, but if we work hard, we will succeed. In terms of education, the UK gives some of the best education.” As for the property which Sunway has bought, he shared that the group has bought properties where the tenants are all from the British government, thus giving reasonable return. Do read the full article in NST for even more of Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s views. (click here)

There were times when student accommodation meant cramming many students into a small room in a landed property. Those times should not be continuing. It’s not just unhygienic but safety is a huge issue too. I personally support a safer and more quality accommodation for the students today and future. I would not want my kids to be staying in a small room like me together with two other students. Times should change. Accommodation for students though will always be evergreen.

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