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Budget 2020: 5,000 new affordable homes are coming and it’s just 6 km from KLCC.

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It’s always a struggle when it comes to many home buyers. Prices are either too expensive or the place they could afford to buy is far away (for them yeah). I personally think any place which is within 30 km away from the city centre is still okay. (Desa Parkcity is 20km away, by the way). As for newer townships which is within 50km away, I have no issues with it either if the buyer just prefer to get a landed or a bigger place for their growing family.

Guys, stop waiting for something called “perfect property”; low price, huge size and nearby. It did not exist then and it does not exist today. There seems to be a good news for many aiming at properties which are within 15km from the city centre. Specifically around 6km away from the city centre? Yea, Bandar Malaysia. That development which seems to be in a limbo when the High Speed Rail (HSR) was postponed? By the way, it’s near enough to the city centre to have its own attraction and it’s not just due to the HSR okay. Here’s an update after Budget 2020 announcement.

Article in thestar.com.my Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has confirmed that the Bandar Malaysia project at the former Sungai Besi airport site in Kuala Lumpur will proceed. This is a 196ha (484 acres) development, which will include 5,000 affordable housing units and a people’s park. Proceeds from the project are set to go towards paying off the debts of 1Malaysia Development Bhd.

Comments from Rotol Group managing director Datuk Garry Chua, “It will create thousands of jobs as construction activities have a big multiplier effect on economic activities.”

Former Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents president Siva Shanker, now chief executive officer of real estate agency under Rahim and Co International, said the project’s vantage location would help take the congestion away from the city centre.

Real estate consultant Allan Soo said, “Once completed, the project will provide city folk affordable housing in the middle of the city. Those who work in the city can have a shorter commute and easier access to their workplaces.”

Engineering consultant Satkunarajah Rajendra said the government should define “affordable.” he said, “What is considered affordable differs among individuals. Even RM300,000 is considered expensive by some as many Malaysians are low-wage earners. The government must ensure that the people can afford the houses.” To read the articlein full with more details on all the comments, please refer to Article in thestar.com.my

By the way, before everyone forgets, travel duration is a better measure. Use google map (usually the most neutral measure) to understand more. Some areas may be near to the city centre but trying to go through those areas during peak periods will be a nightmare yeah. When it’s non-peak periods, then the nearer areas will be better than the newer and further areas.

Always a balancing act when it comes to the decision of which best meets all my expectations. Oh yeah, total units within Bandar Malaysia is now just 5,000 units yeah. That’s just the affordable ones. There are definitely a lot more choices for everyone too. It’s already announced to the world, so it should now be a firm go-ahead. Happy deciding but great to know that there’s this extra choice which is really near to the city centre.

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