Women’s salary. That extra growth we need. (consumption and property too)

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I have hired many people in the corporate world and I have never ever paid a woman lower than a man for the same job. To me, that’s sxxxxd. The work is exactly the same. Just pay both sexes the same salary. By the way, I have found out that most of the women I have hired have been performing a little better than the men. Especially where deadlines are concerned. Haha. Anyway, simple logic is this, there should be pay equality and I will speak out against any other men who thinks otherwise.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com In World Bank report titled ‘Breaking Barriers: Toward Better Economic Opportunities for Women in Malaysia,’ it was revealed that Malaysia’s per capita income could rise by 26.2 per cent implying an average annual income gain of US$2,250 (RM9,400) if all economic barriers are removed for women in the country.

World Bank country director for Malaysia, Mara Warwick said “Economic opportunities for women is one of the most promising avenues for Malaysia as it strives to become a high-income and inclusive nation.” At the moment, the labour work force comprise 39 percent women and 61 percent men. Please do read the article for many more revelations about the influence of women workforce in Malaysia. Article in themalaysianreserve.com

Guys, just pay both sexes the same. Women, if you are also guilty of not paying women the same pay, please rectify your mistake soonest. Just look at the numbers. If women are paid the same, the per capita income will rise and when income rises, the consumption power from women increases too. More businesses will have higher sales revenues and we are looking at even higher number of jobs! They could buy more properties!

Actually, apart from some jobs where the men needs to use their superior strength, I could not think of a single job where the women will spend considerably less effort than men. Am I biased? Fortunately I am a men, I am definitely on the men’s side but not on this one. Not where salary is concerned. Same position, just pay everyone the same. Period. I will continue to do my part. Happy working my dear Malaysian women.

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