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Start investing by ‘stashing it away somewhere?’ I have started. Join me?

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A friend asked me if property is the only thing I invest in since I am writing about it all the time. The answer is a definite no. I have fixed deposits, like majority of everyone who is saving their money. I have holdings in shares (only from Bursa Malaysia, none overseas). I have been with unit trust for a very long time and with one of them I am under ‘Gold’ status. (You should be able to guess which one yeah.) I also have some investments into start-ups. Hopefully they do well so that I get good returns. Many months back, I have started to invest into Stashaway too. Want to join me? Read more about it first.

I learnt a few key things with regards to Stashaway. Its truly easy to start. Perhaps 15 minutes is all you need. Their team will do verification checks too. Even more importantly, the management fees are extremely low. Yes… Refer here:

Besides that, StashAway is Malaysia’s SC-licensed robo-advisor. With robo-advisor, it meant that they use advanced technology. Perhaps you may want to also read a bit more about them? Here are five key facts.

#1 – StashAway was the first rob-advisory firm to attain full capital market services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. (Yes, that MAS… equivalent to our Bank Negara Malaysia)

#2 – StashAway has been operating in Malaysia since November 2018. It got its license from Malaysian Securities Commission’s digital investment management framework.

#3 – StashAway has a proprietary risk-focused investment framework called ERAA. ERAA basically factors in macro-economic data to make asset allocation decisions through various economic cycles.

#4 – StashAway’s management fees are significantly lower than those of traditional financial institutions. The charges are on a pro-rata basis, thus more of the investors’ funds can be invested. There are no entry fees and minimum balance requirements for customers to start investing with StashAway. Also, customers can purchase a minimum of 0.0001 units of any given asset and can own a highly diversified portfolio for as little as USD 10.

#5 – Founder of StashAway has these advice for everyone. Taken from his interview by KrAsia.

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who does not pays it.”

Want to join me? Start here.

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