Malaysia’s GDP for 2019? World Bank says…

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Reminder, economic growth is the base for property market. If the country is doing so-so but the property market is rising fast, get ready for the upcoming great fall. So, what’s happening to Malaysia’s GDP for 2019? How about a prediction based on numbers thus far from the World Bank?

It’s highly unlikely that some countries in the world could convince the World Bank to say something nice about them if the country is really not in a good shape, economically. I said highly unlikely, I did not say impossible yeah. Haha. Anyway, the World Bank is not some research houses where their research and study may be skewed towards the one who was paying for it, yeah? If you disagree, please skip this article yeah. If you agree, read on about what the World Bank is saying about Malaysia’s economic growth for 2019.

Article in thesundaily.my . The World Bank said that it still expect Malaysia’s economic growth at 4.6 per cent in 2019. The reasons they think so include a continued robust growth in private consumption amid stable labour market conditions. However, it said that the weakness in the external sector will continue and in fact the global demand for electronics and electrical products will continue to soften. This will constrain Malaysia’s export growth.

It says that private consumption has remained resilient but overall economic activity has been weighed down by softer-than-expected investment growth and weakening export demand. It shared this about the upcoming fuel subsidy, “The planned conversion of the universal fuel subsidy to a cash transfer targeted to the Bottom 40 per cent has been delayed because of administrative hurdles. Despite low consumer price inflation, concerns about the rising cost of living persist among the public and the government.” For more report from the World Bank, please refer here: Article in thesundaily.my

4.6 percent is definitely not the highest in the world. However, 4.6 percent is certainly a healthy number. Please continue to tell everyone that Malaysia is certainly not in a recession for 2019. Tell them to stop asking this question or kept thinking so negatively. It helps nobody. Happy evaluating all the potential investments anyone pitches to you. Just remember that except for property investment, it’s not possible to get low risk and high returns. Here’s that earlier article: Certainly not low risk and low returns

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