Live, Learn, Work, Play all the way to Osaka.

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I am a simple man. When a motto is extremely well recognised, build on it. There is little need to create something new which may not stick. When we talk about S P Setia, what is the tagline that comes to mind? Live, Learn, Work, Play. Well, they have a new one now. If you do not know, it’s called Stay Together, Stay Setia. Don’t look at me or ask me why. Surely there are strong reasons for it. One day, someone may tell me in person perhaps. Anyway, S P Setia will bring their Live, Learn, Work, Play concept to build a mixed development in Izumisana City in Osaka.

Article in edgeprop.my Malaysia Housing and Local Government (KPKT) Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin and the Mayor of Izumisano City in Osaka, Hiroyasu Chiyomatsu expect S P Setia Bhd’s upcoming mixed development in Izumisana City to create economic benefits for both countries. The development is known as Setia Izumisano City Centre (SICC).

Zuraida said, “Based on the presentation (by Koe), SICC will have the features of both Japan and Malaysia. This is a good approach by the (Izumisano) City Hall to bring the perspectives of other countries into a local development. With this development, I believe, it will bring more tourists to the city, especially those from Asean and Middle East countries.”

Mayor of Izumisano City in Osaka, Hiroyasu Chiyomatsu said, “Izumisano is a good gateway city that is receiving many visitors around the world, particularly after the relaxation of Visas and the LCCs (low cost carriers) coming through the Kansai International Airport. We are now recording about 7.6 million visitors a year via the airport. The (number of) visitors from Malaysia is about 150,000. However, once we complete this SICC project, I’m sure the number will increase.” More details in the article: Article in edgeprop.my here.

Well, this news meant that should I be visiting Osaka again in the near future, I will have another place to drop by and take some photos. It’s a Malaysian project yeah. I still remember when I was in Fukuoka and I saw Malaysia International Shipping Company’s office there, I took a photo too. I just feel the pride as a Malaysian. All the best yeah S P Setia and please do a great job. Happy building in Osaka, Japan.

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Featured image from: https://welcometoizumisano.com/en/feature

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