Toastmasters Coffee Chat: Turn Objections Into Acceptance.  

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Effective communication and dynamic leadership are two of the most important ingredients of success for many. Could we imagine a CEO of a company who could not deliver a public speech and will always send his deputy to speak instead? What about the Objections, do we have some idea how to turn them into Acceptance?

I welcome you to Toastmasters Coffee Chats. There are a few planned sessions and the upcoming session will be on 11th October 2019 (Friday). It’s to be held in Starbucks Pulau Tikus, Penang. This is an informal session where invited speakers from Toastmasters share an important topic based on their area of expertise. This gives a chance to the public to learn something useful and at the same time be exposed to the benefits of Toastmasters programme. Do refer to the image below for more details of the programme.

About the speaker: Charles Tan, DTM (in Toastmasters, this title is the highest achievement after a long journey through communication and leadership programmes. It’s known as Distinguished Toastmaster)

I have been a Toastmaster for a very long time. Over 12 years. This Learn-By-Doing programme has helped me tremendously in my life and my career and it’s time for me to share with the public why joining a Toastmasters programme is the single most important decision they should make for their career and life. I have been invited to give a talk on something I am very passionate about. “Turn Objections Into Acceptance.”

In my career, I have trained teams in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. In terms of companies, I have trained people from the real estate industry, internet start-ups and even SMEs. This coming Friday (11th October 2019), I will be flying into Penang to conduct a session for everyone wishing to understand more about the Toastmasters programme as well as learning some tips on how to turn objections into acceptance.

For details, do click the image below: (Register by clicking here)

If you would like to read the profile of the speaker, please do click to read here. Yes, it’s my profile.

The other invited speakers before and after me are all very prominent personalities in their respective fields. Please do take a look at all of them as per image below:

Please register here to confirm your seat. Till we meet this Friday, enjoy a productive working week ahead.


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