Earn RM30,000 extra easily. Just report dishonest people. How to do?

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In the movie Alita: Battle Angel (click to see the trailer) there were many Hunter-Warrior (bounty hunters) earning their rewards from capturing wanted criminals. In brief, we could do good and earn rewards at the same time. Hunt down criminals and the city will be safer and at the same time get to buy food or property? Haha. Okay, in the movie, earth is no longer that suitable to do property investment. In Malaysia, we may have a chance to earn enough down-payment for a RM300,000 home if we REPORT dishonest people. Read on yeah on how to earn this big amount.

Article in thestar.com.my Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said that any civil servant who discloses misconduct and embezzlement will be awarded the Integrity and Personality Award (IPA) as well as cash incentives worth up to RM30,000.

He said, “(This is) not only for those in the Finance Ministry but open to all civil servants who have the courage to report any misconduct and embezzlement.” Besides this, there would also be a Creativity and Innovation Award (CIA) and cash incentives up to RM30,000 to encourage civil servants to come up with new, creative and innovative methods that could promote savings and ease the work process. Do refer to the article for more of what Lim said yeah. Article in thestar.com.my

I think for civil servants, this will be a huge bonus. Perhaps our Finance Minister should also mention the process to do so. Perhaps a website where all these could just be reported and the report will be channelled to an investigation department. Not sure if it should be the MACC instead? Let’s have a good implementation so that this becomes a very effective measure and not an announcement which would soon be forgotten.

As for all the civil servants, time to open up your eyes and ears. Look, Listen and Report. RM30,000 may be waiting for you. Hopefully, don’t use it for an expensive vacation but to invest it into some instruments instead. Could be into a property too yeah. Here’s why: Certainly not low risk and low returns for property investment . Happy reporting!

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