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Banks will always LOVE you okay? Be good please.

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I always read with amusement when some writer for some major media writes and quotes someone that it’s impossible to get banks to approve the loan applications these days. Hopefully they realise that banks exist because they wanted to make profits. In order to make profits, they will ‘borrow’ low and lend high.

For example, they will get us to put money into the bank and pays us a paltry interest for savings account or a much lower than 4% rate for Fixed Deposits (as at 4th Oct 2019). Then they will lend money for us to buy a home at 4.3% for example. That’s how they earn profits which could then be shared with their shareholders. If you like this model, then please buy banking stocks. As for reasons why have rejected our loan application, let’s look at just 3 reasons as below:

#1 – We are NOT being honest with our capability. We earn RM5,000 net salary per month. If we use 40% of this amount for mortgage, we could afford to pay RM2,000 per month. This is generally enough for us to buy a home of RM400,000. What happened though is that we will try and buy a RM400,000 home or a slightly more expensive one. After deducting some of our other commitments like an instalment plan for a new smartphone or even credit card balances, the home we could actually afford is even lower. This was why the bank did not approve our loan in the first place. It was NOT because the bank hates us or that they have suddenly stopped lending.

#2 – That property may just be overpriced. Banks do their own valuations before they decide the amount to lend. Just because the developer’s price is RM400,000 does not mean the bank agrees to the amount! They may think that the price should be RM350,000 instead? That’s why if we wanted 90% loan which is RM360,000 they will not want to approve it.

If we submitted a loan for 80% instead, then perhaps they will now approve it because the risk to the bank is now lowered. The value is RM350,000 but they were only lending you RM320,000. If anything bad were to happen, they could still auction off the property at RM320,000 for example.

#3 – Our credit rating is just negative. If we have skipped credit card payments or some other loan repayments, chances are our credit rating has been affected. This is usually a cause for concern for the banks. This is why even if our salary is high enough to support the monthly mortgage repayment, the banks will still worry when they have seen our credit history. By the way, if we have NO credit ratings, the bank will also not approve our loan. They do not know what’s our risk profile… Get a credit card, spend some amount and repay them promptly. This helps tremendously.

Stop complaining about the banks. Start getting our financial standing back in order. Start evaluating homes which are not at the borderline of our own affordability. Start to read kopiandproperty.com Haha. The banks needed to continue earning higher profits. Else, the stock price will remain stagnant or start dropping. Thus, they will continue to lend but they will continue to be very conservative so that they minimise their risks of suffering huge losses if the borrowers start defaulting when bad times come. As some have suggested, the banks should shoulder more risks but I think the shareholders of these banks would prefer the lending decision to be safe than sorry. Happy applying for a loan yeah.

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1 thought on “Banks will always LOVE you okay? Be good please.”

  1. Well, in my case the reason my loan got rejected was probably among the following:

    1) It was a condo that had commercial real estate on the ground level
    2) there was open litigation against the HOA
    3) nearly condo building was nearly 50% rental properties
    4) I stalked and found my loan officer’s boss to escalate something.
    5) Wound up calling the loan officer’s boss a scammer and got a government agency involved.


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