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Expats are happy in Malaysia. Of course. So many reasons.

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My first company was a Japanese MNC. That was long time ago. The Japanese managers who got seconded to Malaysia, they love it. They could go golfing on EVERY WEEKEND if they wanted to versus queuing up for a slot in Tokyo. Their salary is similar to what they would have earned if they were back in Japan and there’s even an extra allowance called ‘hardship’ or something. The reason is that you may miss your home, thus, the extra allowance is to compensate for it. I have never spoken to any Japanese managers who were not happy to be based in Malaysia then.

Later, I have many friends who were in the HR and they told me that when it comes to attracting expats to work in Malaysia, the quality of life is usually the main thing they talk about. I was surprised. Quality of Life? I thought western countries are known to have better quality of life? He shared that the salary paid here in Malaysia will be almost similar value to what they would be paid in the home country.

Thus US$5,000 salary over there meant that the expats will be paid RM20,000 here. The same salary in the local currency may not be a lot after paying for housing in the local country but RM20,000 here in Malaysia will really be living a good life. Anyway, my experience on why expats love it here is also reflected in The Expat Insider Survey 2019.

Article in thestar.com.my here. Malaysia is ranked the ninth best destination for expatriates to live and work in as per The Expat Insider 2019 Survey – conducted by InterNations, the world’s largest expat community with 3.6 million members – polled over 20,000 respondents and ranked 64 destinations.

These are the criteria for the result: satisfaction with the quality of life, ease of settling in, working life, personal finance, cost of living, and family life in their respective country of residence. “Affording a good life in Malaysia does not seem to be hard for expats: the country comes in 7th place out of 64 countries in the Cost of Living Index, with 82% of expats rating costs positively (vs 47% globally),” said InterNations.

Meanwhile, 62% report that their household income is more than enough to cover daily costs (vs 49% globally). When it comes to ease of settling, Malaysia came third only behind Mexico and Bahrain. As for socialising and leisure activities available in Malaysia, we are 8th out of 64. There are lots of other conclusions in the report. Do read it here: Article in thestar.com.my here.

I have been working in KL for the last 6 years. My first 15 years right after graduation was in Penang. I love it here. There has been no shortage of activities to do. Weekend of hiking? There are so many options, Taman Tugu, KL Eco Park (Bukit Nanas), Ketumbar Hill, FRIM and more. These are just a few options I went to this year.

An hour plus a bit and we have Port Dickson, Morib Gold Coast, Sepang Gold Coast and there’s also the never ending water themed parks too. Connectivity is superb too. A lady expat who’s been here just 9 months have visited many more states in Malaysia than most Malaysians and she says there’s more to visit.

We have not started on Mount Kinabalu or those world class diving islands such as Sipadan, Mataking and more. What about the UNESCO Heritage cities like Georgetown and Melaka. There’s also many national parks in Malaysia. (YES, we keep our forests and did not clear them like some advanced nations who are the ones telling us not to clear them today because they have cleared theirs long time ago…)

Oh yeah… the never ending shopping too yeah. Including luxury brands if they love. Plus the fact that our Petronas Twin Towers will continue to be the tallest twin towers in the world for a long time to come. Theres just so many other things to share but here’s one website to start.

So, yes, expats will definitely love Malaysia. I welcome more of you here. Malaysia, truly Asia… Please do not come here to be a retiree. Be an enjoyee! article here)

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