If something is selling only because it’s cheap, it will fail sooner or later.

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I own a OPPO R9S. (It’s a smartphone brand… Now 3rd market share in the world) I have been using it for the past 2.5 years. Yes, camera is definitely holding its own even today and even during low light situation unlike some models which is good only during the day. Yes, the battery DID NOT get pregnant like some models too. If you are using the same model, kudos to you. By the way, I did not buy the phone because it’s cheap. I bought it because it met all my requirements. Some even argued that it’s cheaper to rent, so better not buy today. (read here)

Imagine a phone manufacturer selling you a phone as cheap as it could but it cuts the quality of parts it uses. However it uses creative marketing to convince you to buy. Well, we can safely say that a lot of people will buy that phone. However, within a few months, the screens flicker, the camera takes blurry photos and after a while, the battery needs recharging every few hours. Think about this very seriously, will we buy another model from this manufacturer? This is why if the product is only about cheap, cheap and cheap, it cannot last for long. Sooner or later, it will fail.

By the way, this is also a warning to property developers. Cutting price by cutting corners will make sure you become very famous, very soon. This is the generation where everyone has access to lots of media to tell the world. Of course, selling at an expensive price but cutting corners to have high profits will also be suicidal yeah.

As for buyers, please also understand that if the whole area is priced from RM500 per sq ft but this new project could sell for much lower, please understand why. Perhaps the developer managed to get the land at a very low price? Perhaps all his construction people are working for him free of charge? (Haha) If the reasons do not make sense, it’s better to consider other projects.

At the moment, we are spoilt for choice, don’t spoil our own chance of buying something good. How to evaluate? For secondary market, here are 13 things to look into before buying one (click to read) Happy evaluating.

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