Money is definitely not everything. Please understand yeah.

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A close friend sent me the below quote. I am not sure if the quote really did come from Warren Buffett but a check using google reveal that every site quoted Warren Buffett as the person who said it. “Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense.” Haha… My close friend said, ‘Aligned with your thinking.” I replied yea and I think I have to write about it for everyone to understand why I agree with a world renowned investor.

Let’s face the truth. Having a loving family is definitely more important than having lots of money but am alone all the time, without any friends or family. However, if we truly love our family, then stop taking them for granted by watching more tv and doing nothing to upgrade ourselves in order to earn more money which is actually all because you said you love them. Why do I say so?

Well, without sufficient money, please wish that our kids will always get full scholarships to study the courses they want. Please also hope that they will be able to keep up with all the other kids who happened to have extra reference books, extra tuition and even extra good food which gives them nutrition to stay alert at school and not feeling hungry all the time and thus was unable to focus on what the teacher was teaching.

Without sufficient money, please wish that all our loved ones would never ever fall sick and needs medical attention. Alternatively, please hope that even when they fall sick, their body can fight off the bacterial infection by themselves and we do not even need to worry for them at all. This will happen for as long as they stay with us until the day they start work and could have money to go see the doctor when they fall sick. If it’s our wife who got sick, please ask her to go back to her own parents for money to see the doctor.

Actually, I could go on and on but I think all of us get the idea. Everyone must understand that money is not the ultimate aim. It should never ever be! However, we must work hard, have enough for ourself, for our loved ones and when we have extra to also help the needy. However, if we are just lazy to do more, to learn more and to understand how the world operates, then stop telling everyone that ‘money is not everything, family is.’ Objectively, you do not know what you are talking about. Happy reading and understanding and sorry to be so real today.

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