Talk @ JB – 12 things to take note of when buying a new property.

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Once upon a time, I was managing an office in JB and I used to travel down to JB on a weekly basis. I have enjoyed lots of good food, visited lots of interesting places and yeah, definitely felt the growth and vibrancy of the market. The catalyst? This one which has already been firmed up and just awaiting next update. RTS? Committed to ensure it happens

This year, I have been to JB for 3 times and this will be my 4th trip. This time, I will be speaking in’s event @ JB City Square. My session is on Sunday @ 515pm – 6pm. The topic for this trip will be different from the one I shared earlier. So, hope to see some of readers there too. Please say hi, yeah. Love to meet some of you and perhaps share some candid thoughts on property investment currently. For more details refer to the below image or click here for the link to the event.

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