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My upcoming sharing: Why property will always be a good investment. See you in Penang and Ipoh.

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Dear kopiandproperty.com readers in Penang, I will be travelling ‘home’ to Penang where I was based for 15 years to speak on the above topic. For readers in Ipoh, I will be very happy to speak in my hometown. Hopefully I could see more of you yeah. I am honoured to have been invited by IQI Global which prides itself as Asia’s Global Real Estate Partner.

The topic is an interesting one and I will share actual numbers on property investment including some essential calculations, the comparisons of our property market with advanced property markets and we will even look into reasons why property prices tend to move upwards unless during a crisis. Yes, we will even look into all those BEST TIMES to buy a property.

My actual speaking sessions for Penang will be on 14th September @ 2pm (SHARP) Venue for Penang is at Penang Digital Library

Speaking time for Ipoh is 15th September @ 230pm (SHARP). Venue for Ipoh is at Regal Lodge Ipoh. I will not be late, so let’s all be on time yeah.

Do refer to the poster below and call the mobile – 019 213 4553 to register yeah. No charges to listen to my talk yeah. I also do not run any courses on property investment and I do not represent any developers yeah. Thus, you will not see me selling any property developers in all my talks. As for the question of whether ‘that’ property is worth buying or not, feel free to send me the questions yeah. For those who knows me personally, please do Whatsapp me and say, ‘See you soon Charles.’ Thank you. See you soon.

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