Property Masterclass by Ron Ong: Finding 20-30% BMV properties and more.

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[Sponsored] This is a Property Masterclass session by prominent property speaker, Ron Ong. It will be conducted in Mandarin. In this 2.5-hour sharing, Ron will reveal to you about the many secrets of low risk investment strategies which most people are not aware of.

He will be sharing with you what is known as winning properties in the sub-sale market and well as the primary market. In brief, HOW TO FIND 20-30% below market value (BMV) property deals.

From this sharing session, you will learn how to utilise different strategies of different properties and thus minimizing the risks even though you do not know much about property investments currently.

You will also learn how to purchase the right property and to continue increasing the value of the property and having continuous rental even if you are not free to manage it.

Date: 19th September 2019 (Thursday)

Time: 7:45 p.m – 10p.m

Venue: Unit 2A-D jalan USJ 10/1A, 47620 UEP Subang Jaya. Selangor (Above OCBC Premium Banking)

Do not miss this if you have intention to understand ore about the world of property investment. Sign up here.

About the Speaker – 汪杰維 Ron Ong




全马第一品牌房地产律师房地产千万富翁律师代言人。Malaysia Youngest Celebrity Entrepreneur Real Estate Lawyer.

RON ONG 在房地产的行业已经6年了. 2年前开始投资房地产.


他是时下最受欢迎拥戴的地产投资顾问、培训师、兼法律顾问同时也是镇上众多开发商聘请的专业顾问。他就是我们的讲师– 汪杰維老师是马来西亚领先的房地产企业家及Tx Education的律师和创始人。TX 是一家旨在为东南亚超过百万投资者提供支持的物业教育公司。

汪老师将向您介绍他的投资历程他如何在这个行业克服逆境并赚取数百万令吉在2017年他也获得了100 Malaysia Most Influential Young Entrepreneur企业奖项。汪老师他很少公开露面我们很幸运能邀请他与你分享他如何在不到两年的时间内如何从零到千万由于物业投资旅程中的指数增长汪老师已被邀请接受星州的采访分享他的经历, 也出現马来西亚 New Straits Times星洲日报Asian Property Review, 大马房地产等等。

Happy registering here.

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