Elon and Jack agreed. Population ‘collapse’ will happen in future.

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These two gentlemen are two icons in their own way; Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Some people I know quotes Jack Ma’s famous sayings all the time. Some meanwhile thinks Elon’s ideas are crazy but is doable since it’s an idea from him. Well, they recently ‘debated’ on a range of issues to a global audience. They disagreed on nearly every issue during the debate (video is at the end of this article yeah) except one prominent one. Both agreed that population collapse will happen in future.

In brief, population collapse is the total opposite of population explosion. It meant that the world’s population will start to decrease in the future because fewer babies are born versus deaths; falling fertility rates. Today, let’s not talk about investment. Let’s just understand what will be happening to the population numbers by the year 2100 and beyond for example. At the end of the article is the video of both the men debating. As for who I think more highly at the end of the debate, I will tell you when we have coffee yeah.

Article in cnbc.com Elon Musk said, “Most people think we have too many people on the planet, but actually, this is an outdated view. The biggest issue in 20 years will be population collapse. Not explosion. Collapse.”

“I absolutely agree with that,” Ma said. “The population problem is going to be facing huge challenge. 1.4 billion people in China sounds a lot, but I think next 20 years, we will see this thing will bring big trouble to China. And … the speed of population decrease is going to speed up. You called it a ‘collapse,’” he said to Musk. “I agree with you.”

Musk then told a joke (hopefully many caught it). He said fears of overpopulation due to immigration are short-sighted, according to Musk. “The common rebuttal is like, ‘Well what about immigration?’ I’m like, ‘From where?’”

World’s population will stop growing by end of this century. By 2070, global fertility rate is expected to fall below the global replacement fertility rate. The number is expected to fall to 1.9 by 2100 from current average of 2.5.

Fertility rates vary widely, but Africa is the only global region expected to have “strong population growth” through 2100. Populations in Europe and Latin America are projected to be declining by 2100.

The article is a long one and has many other interesting numbers too. Please do read about it here: Article in cnbc.com

Here’s that video for everyone’s viewing and understanding:

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