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Upcoming event: Moonlight Reunion for the family, learning “The Secret of Money Engine” and perhaps win a BMW car?

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[Sponsored] Buy your Dream Property and Win a BMW! It’s not often that we get a chance to buy a dream property and be in the running to win a dream car. The Grand Prize is a BMW 318i worth RM198,000. Come to the event to learn more about the XF (Xtra Financing) which will be potentially be a rewarding decision for potential buyers of any participating properties of HCK Group. T&Cs apply yeah.

Spend some family time and let the kids learn through many cultural activities in conjunction with the upcoming Mooncake Featival. The property division of HCK Capital Group will be having a family themed event this coming 7th September 2019. Its called Moonlight Reunion and it will be held at edusentral Sales Gallery @ Setia Alam. There will be lots of family activities like FREE Street Food, Chinese Live Band and even Dance Performance. For the kids, they will get to enjoy these activities too. They include FREE Lantern, DIY Flying Horse Lantern and Chinese Fan Colouring.

Another important message. If we would like to start our property investment journey, it’s important to keep learning from those who have done it successfully. Property investment is more like a mountain hike instead of a 100 metre sprint. It’s a slow but very rewarding journey. Remember, if we think of this as a 100 metre sprint, then our expectations will be an incorrect one and we may be tempted with many unnecessary worries and expectations. Thus, we either jump in too quickly or we wait until all the goats come home. (pun intended…)

The event will be featuring a prominent property expert Abang Abu or better known as the Money Mechanic. The event details will be as follows:

Date: 7th September 2019

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Venue: Edusentral Sales Gallery @ Setia Alam

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