Reminder: Do not miss this. Especially Penangites eyeing KL property. “Property Investment Now or Never”

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[Sponsored] This is another property investment event brought to you by GM Training Academy. Its entitled “Property Investment Now or Never: We turn possibilities into Money Making machine.” CEO of GM Training Miichael Yeoh will be sharing on “What is the latest trend in property? Should I join?” Next speaker will be Brandon Tan of COBNB who will be sharing his expertise on passive income with his talk title, “Maximise your passive income today.” Miichael has invited me to speak as well.

My talk will be entitled, ” Property Investment is all about understanding value and potential returns.” Value is something very subjective, yet its also something which could be statistically compared and even predicted too. Within my sharing, please let me share some differences when people talk about the potential returns because many may not have the right idea when it comes to property investment. See you soon. Details of the talk as per the image below.

Register here yeah.

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