MRT – closer to 200,000 ridership per day! (still very low vs max volume)

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Every time I take the MRT, I wonder when will it be as busy as the LRT. Last month I took the LRT from Masjid Jamek station after work. It was FULL of people. I think that’s a good sign. Anyway, upon changing to the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang (SBK), I then realised that the passenger volume has suddenly reduced tremendously. Perhaps because the MRT coach is bigger but then again, it’s also because the areas surrounding the route is still sparsely populated. As for actual passenger number growth, it’s healthy. The total growth in passengers are said to be 40 percent year on year.

Article in MRT operator Prasarana Malaysia Berhad said January 2019’s passenger traffic for the MRT has surged 40 per cent compared to the same period last year. It has been helped by the government’s subsidised passes. Here’s that MY100 pass and its details. Total passenger volume possible on the MRT SBK line is 500,000. Total ridership is said to be close to 200,000 currently.

One major reason said to be the issue is that the fares are still too expensive for most people. That was why the subsidised travel passes were introduced this year. It’s just RM100 monthly and the subscribers get all-access passes for all Rapid Rail and bus services. Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that these passes will cost Putrajaya RM240 million annually in subsidies. Prasarana shared that over 100,000 people have bought the passes and this is around 10 percent of the public transport users in Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley. Please do read the article in full here: Article in

What this indirectly tells us is that the areas around these MRT stations are still not fully populated. In other words, if we are looking at getting a property, perhaps it represents an opportunity to start viewing and negotiating too. Going by the LRT experience, these areas surrounding a LRT station will soon be fully populated and when they do, chances that they will rely on public transport will be much higher too. It’s a matter of time, no longer a matter of whether it’s a yes or no. Happy thinking.

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written on 24 Aug 2019

<Featured Image is courtesy of Stock Photos from Abdul Razak Latif>

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