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KL is second friendliest nation in the world. (as per 1.5 million people survey!)

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Are Malaysians friendly? I do think we are quite friendly but now all of us should believe we are very friendly. According to an article in thestar.com.my quoting Big 7 Travel, we are ranked 2nd most friendliest nation in the world! The only city ahead of us is Vancouver in Canada. Other top 10 cities include Bruges, Belgium (in third place), Taipei, Taiwan (4th), Hamburg, Germany (5th), Dublin, Ireland (6th), and Christchurch, New Zealand (7th). This survey was completed by 1.5 million people. Big 7 Travel said Asian cities rated highly overall, with several US and Canada cities also making it into the Top 10.

Our neighbours in ASEAN are ranked as follows: Chiang Mai, Thailand (11th), Siem Reap, Cambodia (20th), Singapore (24th), and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (46th). These are the only cities within the top 50 friendliest nations in the world. Big 7 Travel also wrote this, “KL is a top spot for both tourists and expats.” Among the reasons for this friendliness include how these cities across the globe make one feel welcomed based on “how easy the city is to navigate or strangers helping you find your way when that pesky roaming data doesn’t work, to making new best friends in a local bar”.

Before anyone made any hasty property related decision, let’s understand that I do not think this will add much to the property market directly yeah. Do not suddenly decide to buy a property because of this ranking. 😛 However, indirectly, this will help more people to decide to travel to Kuala Lumpur to experience our friendliness. Due to these tourists, the demand for accommodation will increase and benefit the hotels and home stay operators. Then, they will also spend and this will create multiplier effects on the economy. Soon, people may earn enough money for down payment and they may invest into a property. Long story yeah… Happy following and smile!

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written on 15 Aug 2019

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