20% of total units in PSR will be for affordable homes.

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It’s important for the government to understand that everyone should have access to a home they own. It’s really not sufficient to build some temporary homes or for these poorer Malaysian households to keep renting even if the rental is made extremely affordable. What happens in the next 30 years is that these households will continue to rent but they may still be spending all the extra income they have in some extras instead. There’s something for Penangites amidst the super huge Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project. Its state housing, town and country planning and local government committee chairman Jagdeep SinghDeo said that at least 20% of the PSR land will be used for affordable housing units.

Article in thestar.com.my Jagdeep said the proposal has been tabled and has been agreed by the committee. He said, “The first island of PSR would take between 10 and 15 years to complete, and by that time as the Penang population increases, so will the demand for affordable housing.” As the number of housing applicants are increasing each day, the state government will need to ensure adequate stock of low-cost units, low-medium cost units as well as affordable housing units are available.

PSR is a sea land reclamation project which will enlarge Penang state by 1,821 ha of new land within 3 man-made islands. These islands will be used to fund the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). PTMP is a project to ensure Penang is well connected via an undersea tunnel, highways, LRT, monorail and a bus network. With PTMP, the whole of Penang whether its the island and the mainland will be very closely connected. Do read the full Article in thestar.com.my

I personally think it’s extremely important to put these into some form of formal documentation too so that all stakeholders have access to it as well as to abide by it as well. We also need more details but then again even the PSR Is only on conditional approval as of currently. I do think PTMP is needed as a catalyst. As for the components within the PTMP, perhaps that’s up for a longer story. Personally? I will put Penang International Airport (PIA) expansion as the most important and urgent. That’s to pull in investments from outside Malaysia. So, that’s the key point. All the rest are mostly domestic driven. Happy understanding.

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written on 12 Aug 2019

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