FB LIVE: Working Professionals and Property Investment. Broad overview.

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I did a one-hour session on FB LIVE a few days ago. It was an invite by Dr. Peter Yee who is a famous real estate personality. I bought his book over 10 years ago and it has given me lots of knowledge which I continue to use today. During the FB Live session, I shared a very brief overview about property investments, especially for the fresh graduates. Many of the listeners also asked me many questions which I answered spontaneously too. As of this morning, over 800 views for the video. Happy and grateful for the support. Happy listening and please feel free to send me comments on how I could do better.

Actually, I think I will do more of these FB Lives. I know that these days, readers are getting fewer. They just prefer to watch… Hopefully I will do one on a weekly basis but a shorter one. Perhaps 20 minutes per week and very focused on some topics. For example, ‘Which type of property is most suitable for a first-time buyers?’ Or even, ‘What are the things we must look out for when we are viewing a property we are deciding whether to buy or not.” Else, please suggest in the comment below yeah. Will continue sharing and later to inform all of you on my next FB Live session. Thank you in advance for listening yeah. Cheers.

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