It’s official. We work too hard. Wait a minute… what?

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I have had the pleasure of working with and conducting trainings to teams from many different countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and my dear Malaysia. Yes, I do feel the pressure as a Malaysian working professional when I am in all of these countries. There are definitely differences in the way everyone works! In my personal opinion, all teams have their way of working hard and playing hard.

If we look at seriousness at work, without too much of stopping in between? I will rate the Japanese at the top. Seriously, not many casual conversations before lunch time! I was based in a Japanese multinational headquarter in Tokyo for a week and this is considered a relaxed one because its the international office and it receives business visitors from the world. Do not worry, during lunch time, casual conversations are aplenty. They are friendly people definitely.

Hong Kongers will then be next if I were to rate seriousness at work. Somehow I find their working attitude to be really serious at work. 😛 Not many casual chit-chats in between and meetings are usually prompt; starting and ending. Anyway, I am just one person. So, my personal experience aside, these are the findings from keyless access technology company Kision the work-life balance of the 40 cities it studied. Kuala Lumpur was considered to be nearly at the bottom; not a good thing for those seeking work-life balance. Please do read on to understand more.

Article in thestar.com.my Keyless access technology company Kisi published a study on work-life balance recently. It was focused on 40 cities known for attracting professionals and families for their work opportunities and diverse lifestyle offerings. Singapore was ranked 32nd and the bottom three countries where work-life balance is concerned include Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur. The countries where there are best work-life balance include Helsinki, Munich and Oslo. None from Asia! 🙂

Cities were scored based on 20 factors. They include work intensity, there are also factors related to society and institutions, such as gender equality and access to mental healthcare; and city liveability factors such as safety, outdoor spaces and air pollutants. Data was taken from various sources including government and international organisation databases, other published indexes and companies like Expedia and UBS.

Kisi chief executive Bernhard Mehl said “Despite living in an era where unprecedented advancements have been made in technology and connectivity, we have failed to address the most everyday aspect of enhancing our everyday lives – finding the balance between work and leisure.” Kisi however stressed that this index is not meant to be a city liveability index or highlight the best cities to work in. Do read the full report here yeah. Article in thestar.com.my

Whether we work too hard or we did not work hard enough, remember that the monthly salary we get every month should have enough for savings and from saving, it goes into investing. Else, we may just suddenly find out in the future that money is just not enough in the future, regardless of how hard we work in the office. KLites? Hey, we have one of the best opportunities to keep working and investing into real estate. Happy pursuing those opportunities.

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written on 10 Aug 2019

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