Upcoming AUCTION talk: Blue Ocean Property Investment Strategy

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Auction Properties are often an overlooked property investment target. Somehow, there’s that stigma that auction properties are associated with negative elements. Meanwhile, those who know about the potential to buy 20, 30 and even 40 percent below-market-value properties know that only auction properties will provide this opportunity. These are the properties where the owners no longer have any control over the price and this is the only way that prices can be going lower at every auction until it’s sold to the highest bidder.

In the secondary market, except for the desperate sellers, most owners will maintain their price target and for some who could hold on, they will wait until times are better before selling. This is the reason why the same property may not yield the same results to different people.

Usually, we will have many questions about auction properties. How do we find them? What is the actual process behind buying them? By the way, there are buyers who aim ONLY at the auction market because of the many opportunities which are now present. Let’s learn from someone who has been buying and profiting from auction properties for a long time. The person is Jayson Chong, the Founder of UPG Holdings.

Jayson Chong is a prominent speaker for auction properties. He shares from his personal experience and many have benefited from his sharing on how to buy auction properties and profit from it. Do call and register asap to secure your seat. Seats are limited.

The upcoming talk will be on 17th August 2019. Saturday)

Time is 1:30pm – 4:30pm. Venue is: 280 Park Homes, Multi-Purpose Hall. (click to view in google map)

Joining him will be Charles Tan (that’s me) who will share on an overview of the property market Malaysia and all the numbers. “What’s UP and what’s DOWN with the Malaysian property market today.”

Please register soon. Limited seats availability. See you all soon. Call 012 288 9322 or

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