RM5 billion debts? 100 staffs have left currently.

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I met a good friend who’s working in PR1MA recently. We have not met for 2 years I think. When asked how’s the working environment, she said, there are uncertainties. The staffs usually know about what’s happening through the media. Nevertheless, she said she will be positive and I agree with her. PR1MA is building homes for the people, surely everything will be fine. Else, what happens to all the homes which have been sold to the people? Latest news from our Minister of Housing and Local Development about PR1MA here: Update on PR1MA’s fate Briefly from the article: “Zuraida also said that PR1MA would not be dissolved but would continue to operate as usual to provide affordable homes to the people.”

Article in themalaysianreserve.com 100 staffs of PERBADANAN PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) had left the company through a voluntary separation scheme (VSS), resignation or non-renewal of contracts of top management personnel. PR1MA is said to have largely failed to deliver thousands of homes since it was launched in July 2011. A Special Parliamentary Select Committee report, which recently revealed the country’s over RM1 trillion debt, also listed PR1MA shouldering a RM5 billion debt which will mature between 2020 and 2024. It is not known how PR1MA will repay or redeem the debt.

The 1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme or PR1MA was previously under the Prime Minister’s Office before the change of government in May 2018 which led to the change and put it under the supervision of the KPKT. PR1MA has a total of about 300 staffs. Some issues said to be faced by PR1MA include poor management, financial losses, uncompleted properties, questionable projects at unstrategic locations, a lot of unsold units and rising debts. Currently, Tan Sri Eddy Chen is the new chairman of PR1MA. He was appointed to the role in October last year. Please read the full Article in themalaysianreserve.com

I do wish PR1MA will be able to continue with its objective objectively. Where there were weaknesses, eliminate them. Wastages? Please start to be more serious with this problem. Now it’s time to build on strengths. Please only hire GOOD people instead of people with connections. In fact if a brainstorm or discussion needed, feel free to invite kopiandproperty.com to join too. If it’s for the good of my Malaysia, my fee is only a cup of teh tarik. Haha. Happy understanding.

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written on 2 August 2019

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