Refusal to pay maintenance fee? Get ready for visit. (and still have to pay…)

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Earlier article about what happens when we ‘fail’ to pay maintenance fees: What you gonna do when they come for you Actually, we continue to hear of owners who are still refusing to pay the maintenance fees for their units. Some reasons include they thought they did not have to pay maintenance fees because they were not staying there or that they believe tehy could pay the maintenance fees only after they have found a buyer for their unit. Both these reasons are UNACCEPTABLE by the way. The following will serve as a warning as well as information for the Management Committee (MC) / Joint Management Committee (JMC) that paying maintenance fees is now really compulsory.

Article in Three units in Vista Hatamas in Cheras was raided by JMB with the assistance of the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) Commissioner of Buildings (COB) to recover more than RM22,000. This raid allows the JMB to confiscate all moveable objects in the units, was carried out under Section 34(2) and 35, Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757) following the owners’ failure to pay maintenance fees.

There was last minute negotiations between the owners and the ‘raiders’ and the owners paid up a total of RM5,926 and were then given time to settle the balance. Vista Hatamas JMB resident chairman R. Thinakaran said, “Some of these residents take this issue lightly as they are not aware of the consequences of non-payment, not only to them but also the community here in Vista Hatamas. These three units’ overdue maintenance fees ranged between RM5,000 and RM8,000, which means they have not made any payments in years or at all.”

MPKj COB director Shahril Omar who was present during the raid said “We have no intention of embarrassing them but we want them to be aware of their responsibilities.” He added, “Failing to pay up as promised means they will face heavier penalties, including the possibility of their properties being sealed again but this time without further discussion.” Article in

All owners who diligently pay their maintenance fees should be very happy with the news. I hope more people will be aware and that everyone who reads this should print this out and drop this into the mail box of the owners who has refused to pay. This is no longer the time to be nice. Let’s be serious because if maintenance fees are not paid, the maintenance of the will suffer and in the end, the property prices will depreciate for everyone including those who paid the maintenance fees diligently as well as the ignorant owners. Here’s one earlier article: Not buying a condo because of maintenance fees?

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written on 2 August 2019

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