Britain’s new PM: Brexit happens on 31st Oct 2019. “no ifs or buts”

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Brexit in brief means that Britain will soon be leaving the European Union (EU). I am one of those who believe Brexit will not be beneficial to UK’s economy. UK’s largest trading partner as a group is the European Union (EU). It is 3x bigger than the next country. By the way, the next country which is also no.1 on UK’s largest trading partner is Germany who is also a part of the EU. This is then followed by the following countries: United States, China, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Spain. That rounds up all the top 10 trading partners of which just TWO are not from the EU. If this is still not clear enough how this Brexit will affect the UK, I am not sure how to explain further. Perhaps post Brexit, the UK will be able to change its top 10 trading partners quickly? Well, I do hope so. Latest news? Britain gets a new Prime Minister who is adamant with Brexit.

Article in themalaysianreserve.com The newly-installed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this about Brexit, “no ifs or buts,” and this will prove the “doubters, the dommsters and the gloomsters.” He promised that it will happen on 31 October 2019. (Yes, it’s just 3 months away.) He said the following:

“We will do a new deal. A better deal that will maximise the opportunities of Brexit.”

“The British people have had enough of waiting.”

“I will take personal responsibility for the change I want to see.”

“Never mind the backstop: The buck stops here.”

“If there is one thing that has really sapped the confidence of business, it is not the decisions we have taken — it is our refusal to take decisions. Brexit was a fundamental decision by the British people that they wanted their laws made by people that they elected and that they can remove from office. We must now respect that decision.” Please do read the article in full with a lot more details about him. Article in themalaysianreserve.com

All the best yeah my dear UK. Who knows, perhaps the top 10 largest trading nations will soon be taken over by all the Commonwealth nations instead? This could however not suddenly happen and will need many years if ever it happens. By the way, there is also this prediction that Britain may already be heading towards a recession due to the Brexit uncertainty. Article in The Guardian here: No deal brexit – UK recession Perhaps the new British PM knows something which many do not. So, I wish him all the best and prove many of the doubters wrong yeah. Until then, I remain one of the doubters in his dictionary. Happy following.

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written on 27 July 2019

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