Why we SHOULD occasionally visit our tenants? Real case here.

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I could say my relationship with my tenants are good. Majority of them are my Facebook friends too. While I do not visit them often, probably once every few months, I do keep in touch with them via Whatsapp messages these days. As they say, when we are good to others, they are good to you too. When we are calculative, imagine our horror when our friends are so calculative with us too. 😛 Okay, assuming our tenant has been paying rental to us on time every month, should we still send them a message occasionally? Well, perhaps a thank you note? And what IF the thank you notes that we sent were NEVER READ? (Based on Whatsapp technology, we could see if the message was read or even when was the last time the tenant was online… How about ZERO interaction for 11 years?

Article in newsweek.com A tenant was found in a mummified form after over a decade by the landlord. ( DIED… and well preserved..) The case happened in a French apartment. Items in the house indicated that the tenant passed away in 2008. (That’s 11 years ago). The landlord said he has not seen the tenant for a while. (It’s 11 years!!) The rental meanwhile has been paid automatically every month. The report says that it was not sure if the landlord was visiting because the rental payment has recently stopped. The French division of media outlet 24Matins reported the residence was in the city of Nantes and evidence suggested the man had lived alone. The discovery of the corpse, which appeared to be in a state of natural mummification, was not being treated as suspicious. Full report here in newsweek.com here.

Perhaps its time to drop our tenant some interesting Whatsapp messages and hopefully they read it or at least we could see that their status is online. This should be done even if rental payment is on time every month. How many of us want to have rental to continue for 10 years without fail only to discover something of horror when payment suddenly stopped 10 years later? The rental payment may not be worth the traumatic experience if the discovery of such horror was by us! Plus imagine what will now happen to the property price. Unless of course property prices are so expensive that people are still willing to buy from us. Earlier article here: Too expensive? Lets buy haunted units Happy becoming a tenant. Congratulation.

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