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Certificate in Estate Agency – REA! Apply to INSPEN today.

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Aspiring to open your own real estate agency within a few years’ time? Hiring RENs and train them to be a professional advisor to the many potential property owners in Malaysia? Building a career in real estate as an entrepreneur? Property market will always be an oyster waiting to be opened by the ones with a real estate agency license. The opportunity is now in INSPEN. New intake now open for registration. Happy reading and all the best in your application.

— message by INSPEN —



Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa permohonan kemasukan pelajar bagi program:

✔ Sijil Penilaian Harta Tanah (SPHT)
✔ Sijil Pengurusan Harta Tanah (SPGT)
✔ Sijil Agensi Harta Tanah (CEA) – Sepenuh Masa & Separuh Masa

di INSPEN bagi sesi pengambilan 2019/2020 telah dibuka di laman web http://icms.inspen.gov.my/ sehingga 3/9/2019.


✅💯 Kenapa pilih INSPEN? 💯✅

🔘 Syarat kelayakan yang minima (SPM 3 kredit sahaja)
🔘 Yuran serendah RM365/semester
🔘 Kemudahan tempat tinggal disediakan percuma sepanjang tempoh pengajian
🔘 Bantuan makan RM20 sehari
🔘 Graduan boleh bekerja di sektor kerajaan dan swasta
🔘 Graduan berpeluang menyambung pengajian di dalam dan di luar negara


➡Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila hubungi :

🔹Mokhtar bin Omar (03 8911 1178 / 019-8121448 /mokhtar@inspen.gov.my

🔹Asmahani bt Mohd Napiah (03 89118613 / asmahani@inspen.gov.my

— end of message from INSPEN —

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written on 27 July 2018

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