Hey, we are now 32.4 million strong. :)

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With new powers comes new responsibilities. Well, with a higher population, there will be need for more properties. No wonder the government intends to build 1,000,000 new homes in 10 years and 100,000 will be built within 2019 itself.

Some interesting facts? Over 10% of the people in Malaysia today are NOT citizens.

More men, we have more men and less women. 107 men to 100 women. Hmm…

6.5% of Malaysians are 65 years and above. Fortunately, 24% are below 15 years old today. Aging nation is a definition given to countries with 7% of its population aged 65 years and above. It seems like we are very close!

Median age remains at 29. Extremely healthy. The median age of the largest economy in the world is 38 years old. The U.S. lah. The median age for the second largest economy in the world is 37 years old. That’s China.

Well, for the rest, do take a look at the image from Department of Statistics Malaysia yeah. Happy referring.

By the way, it’s true that our population remains small even by ASEAN standard but I guess it’s even more important to see if ASEAN economies could be even more integrated. As the second most advanced economy here, we are in a good position to continue to be competitive. As a fact, ASEAN is now China’s second largest trading partner. We have dislodged the U.S which is now in third position. (click to read) The European Union is China’s largest trading partner. Let’s just stick together yeah my dear ASEAN nations. Please get those rail connections going yeah. There are a lot more we could do once we are truly connected. Happy following.

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