How much will your property be in 30 years? Here’s the calculator

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Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor. We are attending a free 4 hour seminar where some speakers are sharing all the tips which has made him super rich from his property investment. We showed the reception table our free e-ticket. She smiled and waved us to sit down. We sat down and soon enough the seminar started. Most of us believe we are rational. truth is, we are not. During investment seminars, many numbers will be shown. We are convinced. The speaker’s presentation is world class. We are impressed.

The speaker tells us that with a 4% capital appreciation per year, this property will become X amount in the near future. Ever wondered what does the near future mean? Actually, how would we even know if the speaker is telling the truth or simply giving us a very positive picture so that we part with our money? Perhaps we could go to the website below, key in a couple of numbers and get some idea how much our money could actually grow when we really do buy the property. Conservatively, a calculation using 3% instead of anything higher than the average? Here’s a sample.

Here’s that useful website for our perusal. www.money-zine.com

Do not worry too much about if we will suddenly become super rich from investment. As long we are looking at it as an investment and with a long term horizon, prices are usually up. Here are reasons why: Working professionals and property investment, all the whys Nevertheless nothing could save us if we are buying some super overpriced property and getting lots of money in return fro the bank (which is our money to begin with) and after spending it all over a few years, the property is completed and… we realised it’s overpriced and we are facing difficulties in paying for it.

Hopefully, readers of kopiandproperty.com do not face this issue yeah. Please feel free to share more of other useful websites to me yeah. I will be glad to share with the potential 20,000 visitors on a monthly basis to kopiandproperty.com

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