7km bridge over the sea @ RM1.1 billion and ready within 4 years?

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There was this news about a bridge linking Malaysia to Indonesia many years ago. It did not happen then. It’s now being reported again. Article in malaymail.com A bridge between Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra may be possible in the future. The Indonesian government said that it is currently studying the possibility of building a bridge connecting the two nations as part of its plans to develop and enhance its toll highways. It is looking to spend up to RM290 billion for this purpose. As this is still under study, perhaps we move on to something which is more substantial and will most probably be happening soon. In fact, there’s even a proposed date of completion.

Article in thestar.com.my Indonesia plans to start building a 7km bridge connecting Batam and Bintan costing RM1.1 billion and the construction will be taking three to four years. This is to connect both islands near Singapore and boost growth and trade with the neighbouring hub. Indonesia is developing the Batam area to attract opportunities potentially arising from trade tensions between the U.S. and China, according to Edy Putra Irawady, head of Batam Development Body. The bridge would also complement Singapore’s effort to boost air-passenger traffic by building a fifth terminal for its Changi Airport. Batam will be repositioned as an alternative shipping and manufacturing hub to Singapore and looks to attract a potential investment of RM247 billion. Article in thestar.com.my

Connectivity is key to economic growth. I think a game-changer may be a bridge between either Bintan / Batam to Singapore instead because if that happens, then Singaporean SMEs could also take advantage of this connectivity advantage by building their manufacturing plants there. One thing to note though is that the salaries of workers in Batam / Bintan should continue to be competitive. Else, it may be advantageous for Singaporean companies to base their manufacturing plants in JB instead. It’s much nearer, two bridges are ready and the RTS may just be on its way. As per our Transport Minister, the RTS is going to proceed. Earlier article here. Well, I still think ASEAN can be even more connected. We are after all the world’s 3rd largest country when combined. Happy believing.

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