OWING money and OWNING a home. Huh?

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Staying in KL because one is working and needing a home here in the Klang Valley but could not get the loan approved because one was blacklisted in CCRIS because one was blacklisted by the PTPTN? Worry not, here’s the remedy. I read and reread as I do not wish to believe that people owing me money (via PTPTN which got its money from EPF which got its money from contributors like me) are now allowed to buy a property? As everyone knows from all my articles, I talk about the need for everyone to own a home so that when they retire, they do not need to keep paying or are at the mercy of the home owner where rental is concerned.

However, there’s a real difference between paying what you owe and continue buying new stuffs even when you still owe me money. Worse still, you have been blacklisted because you are owing me money but now you are allowed to continue buying a home and you still do NOT need to pay what you owe me. Seriously? This is the solution to the unsold units or to boost the property market? Really? WOW…

Article in thestar.com.my Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said her ministry has received approval from the Education Ministry through the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to exempt those loans from being listed in CCRIS. This meant that first-time home buyers who are burdened with student loans may stand a chance to buy their homes. She added, “This is only for the purpose of buying homes. They cannot buy cars or anything else.” As for how many of these buyers actually have their names blacklisted by PTPTN, she said was unsure. This new rule is part of the Youth Housing Scheme to be launched in October. Do read here for the full article in thestar.com.my

Occasionally, I really do wonder if right is still right and wrong is still wrong. My parents always remind me that I should not owe people money and if I ever did, I should pay them back. It’s THEIR money, it’s not mine. It’s not up to me to tell them that I could not yet pay what I owe them but I need to invest first and maybe I could pay them back later when I get rich from my investment, perhaps?

Everyone should own a roof over their own head. Help educate them to actually SAVE for one instead? Subsidise those homes for the youth by helping the developers build the homes at a lower cost by selling the land to them at a nominal sum for example. My views about PTPTN loans have not changed. If both my brother and sister could fully paid theirs and both are just a common working class Malaysian, I wonder why these people could not? Or would not? Anyway, I am just a blogger and here’s my sincere view. Happy paying back, please.

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