PR1MA’s fate? Here’s an update.

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This was a programme to ensure as many Malaysians as possible getting an opportunity to purchase affordable home of their choice. In fact many of the projects were said to be in prime locations too. So, 1Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA) is a name synonymous with affordable housing from the government to the people. This was an earlier article about PR1MA: PR1MA is under audit by PWC There were also that uncertainty about it being abolished due to the many issues said to be faced by PR1MA. Well, that due diligence report to chart its future will be completed latest by next month.

Article in Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said, “In the last one year the PR1MA members have been studying and reviewing the 94 PR1MA projects in efforts to categorise them according to priority and assessed risk. In general, we will resolve those with low risks which will generate returns to help us cover the high-risk projects.”

In total, there are 94 projects with 94,000 residential units nationwide. Zuraida also said that PR1MA would not be dissolved but would continue to operate as usual to provide affordable homes to the people. She shared that 14,000 bookings have been received under the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) and this meant that more unsold PR1MA projects were being taken up. She shared that within the past 1 year, PR1MA has managed to solve 50 per cent of the problems faced. She added that PRIMA’s liabilities had been reduced to RM12 billion from RM23 billion. Since its inception until June this year, 12,999 PRIMA housing units have been constructed and completed. Do read here for the full article: Article in

12,999 units constructed and completed is not too bad. Perhaps good to have the number of how many were sold and is now occupied? Hopefully someone from the ministry sees this article and updates us. Frankly, there’s no need to just change a programme for the sake of changing a programme. If PR1MA can continue to provide affordable homes for Malaysians, just continue the programme and make it much better than previously. Take a step back, look at everything that has been planned and stop anything which does not make sense; too far, too expensive or just plain wrong location for example. As for the rest, make sure the households needing them knows about them. Happy buying.

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