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Here is one interesting and good article in a prominent personal finance site in Malaysia; Some say in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand too. Cheapness vs frugality? Frugal is supposed to be a much better word because it is the right kind of savings versus simply saving without understanding or concern for others. Please do read the article yeah. Anyway, as per, frugal is said to mean “sparing or economical as regards money or food.” Cheapness meanwhile meant, “the condition of costing less due to being of inferior quality.” So, if we are to ask ourselves, are we cheap or frugal, what would be the answer? Well, I think I am frugal. I think so… Here’s my story about shoes; specifically my shoes.

Why do I say I am frugal and not cheap? I do not believe in buying ONE pair of shoes for thousands of ringgit. In fact, GEOX is the most expensive pair of shoe I have. That’s bought with a good discount, so yeah instead of a number closer to RM1,000, it’s a number closer to RM500 instead. Yeah, just one pair; a leather loafer. Do I like it? I love it! It’s extremely comfortable and it has that breathable technology to ensure my feet stays dry and it has worked well thus far.

As for the rest of the other nearly 25 pairs of leather shoes, they come in different designs, colours and brands. You see, with so many choices, I could now have a pair which is right for the occasion versus wearing that same one pair for all occasions, for all different pairs of jeans and to match different feelings. Haha. Come on, even for sports shoes, how can a pair of walking shoe be the same as the pair for running, badminton and even hiking!? I own a few pairs for running, few pairs for badminton etc.

Now for a real example. I brought two pairs of hiking shoes to climb Mount Kinabalu. First pair was because it was cheap. Bought it at Decathlon. Here’s article about my favourite store. However, because I bought the most basic design, I feel it was not light enough and perhaps not tough enough and somehow I saw another much pair a week later. I decided better to buy another pair because my Mount Kinabalu was coming up very soon. Two pairs will give me options.

It was a good decision because it rained on the whole of first half of my Mount Kinabalu climb and my first hiking shoe was totally wet. Imagine the situation. Tiring and your shoe is so heavy! I arrived halfway, rested and for the second part, I changed to my second pair and everything went well instead of a very heavy pair of wet hiking shoe… The article about the climb here. You see, what may have happened if I had just one pair of hiking shoe? It would be wet and very heavy and I may have blisters and I could fail the second Mount Kinabalu climb which I spent many thousands for the flight, accommodation and everything else. This is definitely frugal and not cheap. 😛

Thank you’s Suraya who inspired this article to talk about what is frugal and what is cheap.

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