Too expensive? Let’s buy haunted units. :P

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In extreme situations, take extreme measures. When it comes to the property market, what are some of the extreme measures some people could take? Assuming we somehow bought a property which is taking over 70% of our monthly income? Well, we could REDUCE our expenses tremendously so that whatever is left of our salary is sufficient to last us till end of the month, for a few years until our salary increase is enough to push the 70% down to 50%? Haha.

In my hometown, there was one unit of a semi-detached home corner unit which was involved in a murder case. For the longest of time, as long as I could remember, it was empty. The owner tried to sell it but just could not until a new owner came, torn the whole house down and rebuilt it to become a relaxing spa. Yes, these days it’s becoming a popular spa. So, are we ready to buy haunted properties now?

Article in here. Hong Kong property prices have become so high that some desperate house hunters are now prepared to buy a “haunted” home. In a survey by REA Group Survey, Over half the respondents revealed they would consider purchasing a haunted apartment. 65 percent of them said price would be a motivating factor. Kenneth Kent, REA’s Hong Kong country manager said, “Property prices are still way too high for most people living in Hong Kong, so many have started to explore other alternatives.” Mr Perry Fong, a director at Centaline said that apartments where suicides,murders and accidental deaths are usually sold at 10 percent to 20 percent discount. Fond added, “This is generally a taboo in the market, since it is dominated by locals. Foreigners are less concerned, and may buy them for the lower prices.” Article in here. (

I think a question we have on our mind is, “HUH…only 10 percent? But… it’s a haunted unit!” In Malaysia, even seemingly attractive auction units may not be sold in the first 2 rounds of the auction and every round entails a 10% drop in price. Perhaps the answer is just choices availability. The more choices we have, the more selective we may become. That term spoilt for choice?

Okay, how many here are willing to buy a haunted unit if it’s being sold at 20% discount? Not buying and then renovating and then trying to pass off as a normal unit. I meant buying at discount for own stay. 😛 If it’s not 20 percent, then what would be the percent that you would buy if you know it’s a haunted unit? The answer may be varied I guess. Oh yeah, in the KL property market, it’s always that condo unit where the new owner found the body parts in the fridge… Happy thinking about it.

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

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