Suspended rail: “less space, has a wider view and is also easier to arrange.”

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China has the longest and most extensive railway network in the world. 131,000km to be exact. Click here for details. Do view this documentary about why the US does not have much high-speed rail. It has extensive expressways as well as flight connectivities… I seriously think Malaysia should pursue the railway connectivity versus more cars and more flights yeah. Especially that RTS JB – SG which we should have more updates in a few months’ time. Oh yeah, for that covered walkway, let’s just say if the government could afford it and feels it is necessary, sure just go ahead. However, the RTS JB – SG, now that’s TOTALLY needed as an economic catalyst. So, perhaps everyone can stop debating about the covered walkway because that is NOT supposed to be a replacement for the RTS. China is now developing something new called ‘sky train.’

Article in China Railway Science & Industry Group Corp (CRSIC) in Wuhan is developing a suspended monorail vehicle known as a “sky train. Report by said that is is expected to be in operation by year end and that the train’s main body is almost complete. It is similar to the subway train and the suspension train was built with each carriage to measure 11m long and 2.4m wide. According to Wang Yinglin, director of CRSIC’s New Railway Research Institute, the train can travel at a maximum speed of up to 70 km per hour and this is already fastest of its kind in China. On major advantages versus other railway transportations such as the underground subway, light rail or tram, the suspended railway occupies less space, has a wider view and is also easier to arrange. He added, “Along with its strong climbing capability, this makes it particularly well-suited for the outskirts of big cities, as well as medium-sized cities and tourist attractions with heavy traffic.” Read here for more details. Article in

Actually I really do wonder what is it’s difference from a monorail. An engineering friend said that this sky train will be more stable because of its design. Plus if we try and climb a tree using the ‘sky train’ way where our body is on the facing the groundwhile our arms are on the branch, it will be much easier to balance ourselves versus if we are climbing along a branch by being on our hands and feet and our body is facing the sky. Yeah, makes sense too. Anyway, if we look at its design, it does look pretty simple to build and operate too, versus building railway lines on the ground itself. Now, what about the cost, how different would it be I wonder. Happy following.

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