That dream destination may not be on Earth… affordability?

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We love holidays, right? I do. I think holidays allow us to recharge so that we can charge towards our goals better. There’s the cuti-cuti Malaysia which I certainly like (yes, I have visited all the states in Malaysia at least 3 times each…) and there’s the let’s visit somewhere outside Malaysia which many of my friends have visited. 😛 Anyway, when it comes to the super-wealthy, they seem to have money to go anywhere and sometimes, they may have visited nearly all if not all the places they have always wanted to visit. So, what’s next? Perhaps it’s time to visit somewhere out of Earth? I meant planet Earth? Our planet lah… NASA said that it would open the space station for ‘private astronaut missions.’ WOW!?

Article in According to Anadolu Agency, Nasa would be opening the space station for “private astronaut missions” by allowing two flights per year, each lasting a maximum of 30 days. According to CNBC, the trips will cost approximately US$50 million with Nasa making a US$35,000 profit per trip. Boeing and SpaceX will develop capsules to take humans to the ISS. NASA said these companies will take care of the tourists and their needs. The first planned private mission may be as soon as 2020. NASA will also “enable commercial manufacturing and production and allow both Nasa and private astronauts to conduct new commercial activities aboard the orbiting laboratory” which will allow private companies to bid new activities on the ISS. The space agency said, “In the long-term, Nasa’s goal is to become one of many customers purchasing services from independent, commercial and free-flying habitable destinations in low-Earth orbit.” Article in

Erm… US$50 million but the profit is only US$35,000 per trip. Profit margin looks really ‘slim.’ If such is the profit, is it really worth doing? These ‘private astronauts,’ would they be professional enough not to damage any of the equipments there? Sometimes, I do wonder on the training given to them prior to the trip. From our understanding all these astronauts receive extensive trainings and familiarisations before their first trip. Well, we can just follow what happens next year then. That US$50 million (RM209 million) is unlikely to be affordable to nearly all Malaysians and it’s unlikely to be attractive to some of billionaires we know. Perhaps these billionaires may want to sponsor their grandsons who are of university age instead? Happy holidaying in space..

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

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