Property 101 Round Table 2019 (Not to be missed…)

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This upcoming event is aimed at fresh graduates (plus anyone who has yet to start their property investment journey). We often debate about which job offers the best pay for a fresh graduate. Those from the usual ‘bluechip’ faculties will have the upper hand here versus those who are not as specialised. Someone with a Business Administration degree for example will have a hard time trying to convince someone with an Engineering / Accounting degree that there’s no difference between both. 😛 After working for 21 years, let me tell you a small tip. It’s not the degree… when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. It’s about self-initiative, continuous learning, applying EQ at work and being down to earth and be good to everyone. Another tip? Your financial wealth will depend on your INVESTMENT and not how much you earn per month.

Here’s one event for fresh graduates organised by Sunway Property Economic Society (SUNPES) and REi Group of Companies for everyone. Property 101 Roundtable 2019: First Step into Property Investment.” Take a look at the featured image on top and you will see the many prominent property experts including a blogger named Charles who is still a working professional today. Do not miss the event. Click here to register. Lots to learn from the individual speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

As for that blogger who has also been invited, he will be involved in the first panel discussion together with many ‘heavyweights.’ Definitely not about their weight yeah coz I am the heaviest in kg. Please come and learn from them just like me. Plus there’s a lucky draw after the session too. Here’s that registration form again. Below are two images about the blogger since you are seeing this in kopiandproperty.com

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